Konu Tarama Testi

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  1. When the bill indicates that gratuities are not included, you need to ___.
    A) pay tax
    B) give tip
    C) pay cash
    D) add 50%
  2. The judiciary branch of the government ___.
    A) is the Congress
    B) are the courts
    C) are the ministers
    D) is the President
  3. When you send the wine bottles, I suggest that you write "___" on the package in red.
    A) insured
    B) fragile
    C) dangerous
    D) unbreakable
  4. A ___ broke into my house while we were on vacation.
    A) neighbor
    B) thief
    C) house maid
    D) police
  5. The retiring president gave all the employees a farewell ___ in the auditorium yesterday.
    A) greeting
    B) party
    C) present
    D) address
  6. Because of the bribery scandal, two ministers have already ___.
    A) impeached
    B) resigned
    C) arrested
    D) retired
  7. I would like to cut down the tree because it ___ the beautiful view of the lake.
    A) cuts
    B) shades
    C) objects
    D) blocks
  8. Since the two countries have concentrated their military units along the border, war is ___.
    A) uncertain
    B) possibly
    C) inevitable
    D) probability
  9. Thomas Jefferson was an ___ statesman and diplomat, and he was highly respected.
    A) eminent
    B) imminent
    C) envious
    D) immature
  10. Only the mothers of the war heroes ___ for their lost children.
    A) grieved
    B) giggled
    C) respected
    D) saluted
  11. Whenever you fly, you need to ___ your flight 24 hours in advance.
    A) reserve
    B) reconfirm
    C) check
    D) appoint
  12. Whatever happens, we need to remain ___.
    A) calm
    B) calmly
    C) calmness
    D) calmly
  13. Don't worry. I didn't have much ___ when I first started studying English, either.
    A) succeed
    B) successful
    C) successfully
    D) success
  14. One of my mother's hobbies is ___ tulips.
    A) watering
    B) raising
    C) rising
    D) blooming
  15. Don't ___ us the same story again. We've heard it all before.
    A) say
    B) speak
    C) tell
    D) speech
  16. Please ___ me as to why you did not inform me of such an important matter.
    A) enlighten
    B) assist
    C) direct
    D) lead
  17. We are planning to buy a large ___ since we need more living space.
    A) apartment
    B) apartment house
    C) condominium
    D) cottage
  18. Japanese people can learn about Western ___ of fairness from the trade problems.
    A) thoughts
    B) values
    C) concepts
    D) competitions
  19. Letting a woman go through a door first is the ___ thing to do in most Western countries.
    A) old
    B) inconsiderate
    C) conventional
    D) habitual
  20. The investigators exposed the corruption of several cabinet members, and ___ they had to resign from office.
    A) consequentially
    B) consequence
    C) consequently
    D) consequent