Konu Tarama Testi

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  1. This dress is eye-catching, and many people ___ me on it.
    A) complement
    B) compliment
    C) complaintc complaint
    D) complementary
  2. Please write it ___ before you forget.
    A) down
    B) in
    C) on
    D) over
  3. Because of a decrease in income last year, our company is severely ___ expenditures.
    A) breaking
    B) cutting
    C) destroying
    D) downing
  4. What ___ you believe such an unlikely story?
    A) got
    B) had
    C) let
    D) made
  5. The weather forecast says that the rainy season will ___ until next weekend.
    A) end
    B) finish
    C) last
    D) set
  6. As it is written, the nonagression ___ between those countries will expire next year.
    A) law
    B) pact
    C) contract
    D) document
  7. Moving your office into that building is just a ___ plan, and you will come back eventually.
    A) permanent
    B) long-term
    C) temporary
    D) beneficial
  8. I need some ___ so I can write a letter to my family.
    A) stationery
    B) stationary
    C) sanctuary
    D) statuary
  9. Only a few people in that group are ___. The others are always showing off.
    A) attractive
    B) modest
    C) beautiful
    D) prosperous
  10. I believe competition is important for the improvement of society, and I am known for my ___.
    A) compete
    B) competitiveness
    C) competitive
    D) competitively
  11. What would you ___ from this evidence?
    A) inflame
    B) indicate
    C) inform
    D) infer
  12. I was ___ finished with the paper when my computer lost the file.
    A) virtually
    B) virtual
    C) virtue
    D) virtuous
  13. Marla was invited to be a speaker at the conference, but she ___.
    A) deserved
    B) declined
    C) deceived
    D) delighted
  14. Julie's company has ___ her with great responsibilities.
    A) entangled
    B) entreated
    C) entertained
    D) entrusted
  15. My new employer gave me a(n) ___ on my salary to buy some work clothes.
    A) payment
    B) finance
    C) money
    D) advance
  16. Because of the bad weather, communication with the base camp was cut ___.
    A) down
    B) off
    C) out
    D) in
  17. This letter was so badly written that I could not ___ what it said.
    A) get out
    B) figure out
    C) take out
    D) count out
  18. We ___ gas, so we have to wait until a car passes by.
    A) gave out on
    B) ran out of
    C) walked out on
    D) disposed of
  19. I ___ my boss's work after he left.
    A) got on
    B) pulled over
    C) ran over
    D) took over
  20. Could you ___ the baby? She's been sleeping all afternoon.
    A) look to
    B) check on
    C) take care
    D) look up