Konu Tarama Testi

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  1. I can't make heads or tails of the third step of your instructions.
    A) understand
    B) believe
    C) agree with
    D) carry out
  2. My brother cannot go to see that movie because he is under age.
    A) too young
    B) too innocent
    C) too poor
    D) too unsophisticated
  3. My sister is ignorant of stock investment.
    A) interested in
    B) indifferent to
    C) satisfied with
    D) not knowledgeable about
  4. I usually check my speech by reading it out loud.
    A) to myself
    B) very carefully
    C) vocally
    D) to an audience
  5. Mary used to speak her mind even at large conferences.
    A) give her frank opinion 2. talk too much
    C) talk without thinking carefully
    D) hesitate to speak
  6. Yesterday I ran across a friend I had not seen for a long time.
    A) ran over
    B) saw
    C) happened to meet
    D) had a talk with
  7. My secretary finally gave me a piece of her mind.
    A) some useful information
    B) some good advice
    C) a kiss
    D) her outspoken opinion
  8. Intelligent young women should break away from the traditional maledominated society.
    A) destroy
    B) escape from
    C) disobey
    D) oppose
  9. Everyone wanted me to agree to the new plan, but I stood my ground.
    A) would not speak
    B) maintained my position
    C) did not move
    D) changed my mind
  10. Most of the immigrants' old life styles were passing out of existence.
    A) changing
    A) changing
    B) adopting
    C) disappearing
    D) decreasing
  11. Everyone ___ my uncle, because he was a big success.
    A) made fun of
    B) looked up to
    C) struggled with
    D) made use of
  12. When Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are working, a babysitter ___ their children.
    A) looks up
    B) looks after
    C) looks over
    D) looks up to
  13. If you have a legal problem, you should ___ a lawyer.
    A) chat with
    B) talk it over with
    C) debate with
    D) consult it with
  14. I could not turn in my paper on time because my word processor ___.
    A) fell down
    B) turned down
    C) tore down
    D) broke down
  15. You have to have this bad tooth ___.
    A) pulled out
    B) picked up
    C) picked out
    D) pulled away
  16. All street lights come on automatically ___.
    A) at dawn
    B) at dusk
    C) at outbreak
    D) at midnight
  17. I can't see the TV. You are ___.
    A) in my way
    B) on my way
    C) at my way
    D) on the way
  18. It is easy to talk about social change, but it is not easy to ___.
    A) bring it up
    B) bring it about
    C) bring it on
    D) bring it out
  19. We had to ___ to pass the entrance exam to a college.
    A) make great effort
    B) put much effort
    C) make much power
    D) pull great strength
  20. I do not smoke regularly now, but I have a cigarette ___.
    A) once upon a time
    B) for the last time
    C) from time to time
    D) time after time