Konu Tarama Testi

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  1. Don't ___ your parents so much. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet.
    A) depend from
    B) indifferent from
    C) depend of
    C) depend of
    D) depend on
  2. I used to ___ the parade in my town on the Fourth of July.
    A) make a point of
    B) take a dim view
    C) take part in
    D) put off
  3. When I got injured, I ___ in pain.
    A) cried out
    B) screamed at
    C) laughed at
    D) spoke out
  4. I'll ___ that you have a slight health problem at least until I assign jobs.
    A) keep up
    B) keep out
    C) keep in mind
    D) keep my head
  5. ___, our boss is a honest and nice man, though he is not perfect.
    A) As the whole
    B) On the whole
    C) As a result
    D) Without do
  6. All of us are going to have to sweat ___ getting this project finished on time.
    A) blood
    B) salt
    C) water
    D) tears
  7. I don't really care what you decide--___ yourself.
    A) suit
    B) do
    C) make
    D) suggest
  8. This is a wonderful product--a lot of people swear ___ it.
    A) by
    B) off
    C) on
    D) out
  9. There were letters on the gravestone, but they were almost worn ___.
    A) out
    B) off
    C) through
    D) over
  10. Due ___ construction on the highway, it took a long time to get to the meeting.
    A) in
    B) on
    C) of
    D) to