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5. Sınıf İngilizce Genel Değerlendirme Testi 2 Test Çöz

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The meal Mary cooked tasted ___. 
A) well 
B) good 
C) nice 
D) worse

Could you kindly ___ me a hand with this luggage? 
A) help 
B) assist 
C) give 
D) hold

My older brothers are 22, 20, and 18 years old ___. 
A) together 
B) respectively 
C) reliably 
D) order

Though I like my job very much, it does not ___ well. 
A) earn 
B) pay 
C) produce 
D) grow

Nancy's father ___ her that he would stop drinking. 
A) promised 
B) said 
C) deceived 
D) requested

Taking care of the baby ___ a lot of Karen. 
A) demands 
B) depends 
C) relies 
D) requests

Taking too many pills will ___ you problems. 
A) cause 
B) affect 
C) influence 
D) convey

Get some sleep, or you will be ___ tomorrow. 
A) bored 
B) tired 
C) excited 
D) overslept

Mr. Hudson's report covered ___ of the information that we had to consider about that problem. 
A) all 
B) every 
C) many 
D) total

I'm getting old, and I do not have the ___ that I had when I was young. 
A) variety 
A) variety 
B) vividness 
C) vitality 
D) violence

Did you know that our president was ___ a vice-president by the time he was 30 years old? 
A) yet 
B) still 
C) until 
D) already

This report is awfully long but it is still not ___. 
A) competent 
B) complete 
C) compete 
D) complaint

Mr. Johnson has a very good camera. Is he a professional ___? 
A) painter 
B) philosopher 
C) photographer 
D) pilot

Many visitors appreciate the warm ___ when they have a chance to visit a home in Japan. 
A) hostility 
B) hospitality 
C) hospitalization 
D) hostess

There are many ___ to our rules, and I do not think that's fair. 
A) examples 
B) exceptions 
C) excitement 
D) exiles

Japanese people are probably more afraid of losing ___ than Americans. 
A) faint 
B) fault 
C) face 
D) fence

Since everyone gave me different information, I could not ___ who was right. 
A) speak 
B) inform 
C) tell 
D) appoint

You will ___ a woman to spend your entire life with, so don't worry about it. 
A) see 
B) find 
C) get 
D) give

When Jenny saw her old friend Gary, she ___ him warmly. 
A) greeted 
B) said 
C) smiled 
D) handed

Because of inflation, the price of every item in this store was ___. 
A) highed 
B) lifted 
C) raised 
D) risen