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5. Sınıf İngilizce Genel Değerlendirme Testi 4 Testi Çöz

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The police announced that there will be an official ___ into the mysterious death. 
A) inscription 
B) input 
C) inquiry 
D) irony

The teacher made an ___ to the rule for a student who was ill. 
A) excitement 
B) exchange 
C) excessive 
D) exception

A(n) ___ researcher in the field of gender differences will be speaking at the conference. 
A) initial 
B) primary 
C) eminent 
D) foremost

Jim seems to be ill. He doesn't have the ___ that he once did. 
A) vitality 
B) vividness 
C) vitamins 
D) violence

If the customer is ___ to pay a bill, the company turns their account over to a collection agency. 
A) unusual 
B) unwilling 
C) unworthy 
D) unwanted

If we look at the problem ___ we should be able to solve it. 
A) symbolically 
B) symphonically 
C) systematically 
D) sympathetically

A(n) ___ amount of money was lost in the fire. 
A) mass 
B) numerous 
C) abundant 
D) subs

The report ___ the importance of making changes in the structure of the organization. 
A) stressed 
B) insisted 
C) demanded 
D) required

Taking photographs inside the museum is ___ forbidden. 
A) narrowly 
B) exactly 
C) strictly 
D) firmly

The statements the witness made today ___ the statements he made last week. 
A) ridicule 
B) predict 
C) indicate 
D) contradict

The clerk ___ stole some money from the bank. 
A) supposed to 
B) supposedly 
C) supposed 
D) suppose

The committee plans to ___ again in about six months. 
A) conduct 
B) condense 
C) convene 
D) contest

A ____ group is causing a lot of problems in the organization. 
A) splendid 
B) sparked 
C) spoiled 
D) splinter

One of my mother's hobbies is ___ tulips. 
A) watering 
B) raising 
C) rising 
D) blooming

After the accident, Andy ___ several hours of surgery. 
A) undertook 
B) underlined 
C) undid 
D) underwent

Debbie has a(n) ___ that we haven't heard the whole truth about this matter yet. 
A) uncertainty 
B) distrust 
C) suspicion 
D) doubt

That company doesn't take credit cards, so customers have to pay ___. 
A) dollars 
B) finance 
C) money 
D) cash

With some ___, the plan sounds like it will work well. 
A) dedications 
B) modifications 
C) indications 
D) investigations

Jan received a letter ___ the university's new policies. 
A) regardful 
B) regardless 
C) regards 
D) regarding


The company offers a great ___ of services to students. 
A) variety 
B) vary 
C) various 
D) variously