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5. Sınıf İngilizce Genel Değerlendirme Testi 5 Test Çöz

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The economy was so bad that I carried red ink ___ into this fiscal year. 
A) away 
B) on 
C) out 
D) over

Could you ___ this ten dollar bill so I can make a phone call? 
A) break 
B) tear 
C) chop 
D) cut

The farmers broke ___ the stone wall and started the revolution. 
A) down 
B) in 
C) off 
D) out

The new policies brought ___ many changes in our company. 
A) about 
B) down 
C) out 
D) up

Sorry, but that book is ___. We'll get some copies from the publisher next Monday. 
A) out of print 
B) out of order 
C) off shelf 
D) out of stock

I quit my job because I could not ___ with my boss. 
A) get up 
B) make up 
C) take up 
D) put up

May I ___ this suit? It if fits, I'll buy it. 
A) try on 
B) put on 
C) pull on 
D) get on

I ___ my old friend when I was shopping downtown yesterday. 
A) came around 
B) ran into 
C) stopped by 
D) dropped in

Most of our customers ___ their meals rather than eating here. 
A) take out 
B) take back 
C) take in 
D) take off

We will ___ the picnic, since it started raining. 
A) put off 
B) take off 
C) turn off 
D) brush off

Would you turn ___ the TV? I'm afraid the baby will wake up. 
A) off 
B) on 
C) up 
D) over

I deposited 10,000 yen every month for three years and ___ enough Money to go the United States. 
A) saved up 
B) made up 
C) kept up 
D) held up

Since I came in half an hour later this morning, I have to stay until 5:30 to ___ for it. 
A) save up 
B) make up 
C) keep up 
D) hold up

Don't speak so fast, please. I cannot keep ___ with you. 
A) on 
B) out 
C) away 
D) up

The police signaled the driver to ___ and stop. 
A) pull over 
B) put in 
C) pass by 
D) pick up

My son dropped ___ college and joined the army. 
A) away from 
B) by 
C) off 
D) out of

That copying machine is ___ order. Why don't you use this one? 
A) out of 
B) off of 
C) in 
D) by

Jack has a lot of clothes, but most of them are out of ___. 
A) age 
B) fashion 
C) order 
D) time

___ the morning news, many houses on the island were destroyed. 
A) According to 
B) In addition to 
C) In contrast to 
D) In spite of

We haven't ___ our son for three months. He is not much of a letter writer. 
A) seen 
B) written to 
C) heard from 
D) kept touch with