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5. Sınıf İngilizce Genel Değerlendirme Testi 8 Test Çöz

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Jamie didn't deal with the problem--he just ___ it under the rug. 
A) hid 
B) ran 
C) solved 
D) swept

Dennis will bring ___ the rest of the committee members to our point of view. 
A) around 
B) up 
C) over 
D) in

What Marilyn did at the party was certainly ___ bad taste. 
A) of 
B) about 
C) in 
D) under

Jill will go home as soon as she tidies ___ her room. 
A) away 
B) up 
C) over 
D) off

Jennifer ___ down the chance to play the part of Mary in the movie. 
A) turned 
B) fell 
C) ran 
D) threw

The children in that village have ___ victim to a mysterious illness. 
A) given 
B) done 
C) offered 
D) fallen

The family may not be rich, but they are certainly well ___. 
A) over 
B) off 
C) out 
D) above

It falls ___ Mary to care for her mother since her sister moved. 
A) over 
B) from 
C) to 
D) away

Rene is the type of person who will lean ___ backwards to help a friend. 
A) up 
B) down 
C) off 
D) over

Please make ___ a list of the people you are going to invite to the party. 
A) out 
B) over 
C) off 
D) away

Mary lost her job, and she has only herself to thank. 
A) will protest 
B) wanted to resign 
C) is to blame 
D) is grateful

The president has made his decision, so that's that. 
A) nothing can be done 
B) there will be debate 
C) he may change his mind 
D) we will protest

Darla will finish the project in her own good time. 
A) very late 
B) on her own time 
C) when she wants 
D) on schedule

The employer tore into the employee who had lost the money. 
A) became angry with 
B) quickly forgave 
C) fired 
D) gave up on

Derek thought he had found the solution to the problem, but it was a wash out. 
A) triumph 
B) failure 
C) old idea 
D) partial Cevap

If you could see your way clear to help me, I'd really appreciate it. 
A) work hard to 
B) not fail to 
C) agree to 
D) convince someone to

Julie has a weakness for chocolate ice cream--in fact, for anything chocolate. 
A) cannot eat 
B) becomes sick eating 
C) is powerless against 
D) likes too much

After the final report, the project will be well and truly finished. 
A) almost 
B) successfully 
C) healthily 
D) completely

According to the schedule, the meeting should wind down in about fifteen minutes. 
A) vote 
B) finish up 
C) break 
D) slow down

The teacher told us to finish our assignment on the double. 
A) correctly 
B) quaintly 
C) quickly 
D) quietly