1 - 6. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen
kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
1. When the teens are outside, they mostly prefer - - - -
more than voice calls to communicate with each other
because they are cheap and fast.
A) writing invitations
B) sending text messages
C) using their dictionaries
D) having face-to-face communication
2. Mike: Hello, Daryl. We’re going to the cinema tonight.
Would you like to join us?
Daryl: Hello, Mike. It would be great but my mom doesn’t feel well and I have to stay with her today.
Mike: I’m sorry to hear that. I hope - - - -. See you later, then.
Daryl: Thanks for calling. See you.
A) I can stay with you
B) she feels better soon
C) she can come with us
D) I can go to the cinema
3. Frank: Hello, Frank speaking
Brad: Hello, Frank. This is Brad. Do you want to drink something at the café?
Frank: I’m sorry, I feel tired. I’m going to rest all day.
Brad: No matter. - - - - .
A) You can join me now
B) I hope you can be there
C) We’ll meet up later, then
D) Thank you for your invitation
4. Rosa: Hello, Rosa speaking.
Kate: Hello, this is Kate. Can I speak to Jill, please?
Rosa: Hello, Kate. I’m afraid, she is not in at the moment.
She will be at home in the afternoon.
Kate: - - - - . Have a nice day.
Rosa: Thanks. Bye.
A) I will get her
B) It is a bad line
C) She has gone out
D) I’ll call back later
5. Secretary: Hello, Mrs. Peterson’s office.
Matt: Hello,. Could I speak to her, please?
Secretary: - - - - , please?
Matt: It’s Matt Brown, her friend.
A) May I ask who is calling
B) Could you repeat that
C) Can you hold on a moment
D) Would you like to leave a message
6. Fred: Hello, Fred speaking.
Sam: Hello, Fred. It’s Sam. How are you?
Fred: I’m fine, Sam. Thank you.
Sam: - - - -? We are going to watch a movie with Jason.
Would you like to join us?
Fred: Actually, not at all. I will be there.
A) Are you going to join the party
B) Is your brother in at the moment
C) Do you have any plans for tonight
D) Does your father like watching movies
7. Aşağıda karışık olarak verilen cümlelerin anlamlı bir diyalog olacak şekilde sıralandığı seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
I- Hello, could I speak to Mr. Harry, please?
II- OK. I will inform him about your calling.
III- I’m afraid he isn’t available at the moment.
IV- Could you tell him to contact with Mrs. Shine?
V- Hello. Mr Harry’s office
A) V - I - III - IV - II
B) V - II - IV - III - I
C) V - III - I - II - IV
D) V - IV - II - I - III
8. Aşağıdaki metinde anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümle seçeneklerden hangisidir?
(I) Jeremy wants to buy a laptop. (II) He is going to buy a new laptop for his father as a birthday gift. (III) Jeremy likes playing computer games with friends. (IV) His father is going to be forty next Saturday.
A) I

9. Choose the incorrect option according to the table above?
A) Alice is going to play sports at 10 a.m.
B) She is going to play sports at the gym.
C) She is going to play sports on weekend.
D) Alice is going to play sports on Sunday.
10 - 12. soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

10. Which one is true about the messages above?
A) Ruth is offering to bring some drinks.
B) Mary is going to Lisa’s place tonight.
C) Susan invites her friends to her house.
D) Lisa refuses the invitation because she’s ill.
11. - - - - wants to attend to the event with one of her relatives.
A) Lisa
B) Mary
C) Ruth
D) Susan
12. Who accepts the invitation according to the text?
A) Susan and Mary
B) Susan and Ruth
C) Lisa and Ruth
D) Lisa and Mary