1. Aşağıdaki görsele göre boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

“I usually - - - - to my friends.”
A) speak face-to-face
B) leave voicemails
C) send emails
D) write letters
2 - 8. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
2. Teenagers usually use their PCs, tablets or smart phones to - - - - with their friends.
A) keep in touch
B) leave a message
C) hang on a minute
D) speak face-to-face
3. - - - - is a way of communication by using hands and
other parts of the body.
A) Sign language
B) Exhibition
C) Voicemail
D) Receiver
4. Peter : - - - -?
Mr. Brown: No, son. I don’t have any accounts. I prefer socializing with my friends.
A) Do you have any plans for this afternoon
B) Are you a member of any social networks
C) Are you worried about the negative effects of mobile phones
D) Do you speak face-to-face to keep in touch with your buddies
5. Secretary: Hello, Mrs. Jones speaking.
Judy : Hello, could I speak to Mr. Taylor, please?
Secretary: - - - -
Judy : Judy Roberts.
Secretary: OK, Mrs Roberts, could you hold on a moment, please?
A) I’ll call back later.
B) One moment, please.
C) Could I ask who is calling?
D) Could you please repeat that?
6. Jack: Is Steve there?
Carol: - - - - I can’t hear you.
Jack: Is Steve at home? I’m Steve’s friend, Jack.
A) He’s not available at the moment.
B) I’m sorry, there is too much noise.
C) Would you like to leave a message?
D) Who are you going to go there with?
7. Teens mostly write text messages by using short combinations of numbers, words and symbols. For example, - - - -.
A) they prefer talking on landlines
B) languages are changing fast
C) they are fast and fun
D) number 2 means “to”
8. Carol: How about hanging out this evening?
Doris: - - - - .
Carol: No matter. We’ll meet up later.
A) I hope you feel better soon
B) I can’t hear you well. It’s a bad line
C) That would be great, but I have some guests tonight
D) Sounds good. I’m not going to do anything tonight
9. You want to invite one of your friends to your party but she didn’t answer the phone. So you’d like to leave a voicemail. What do you say?
A) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m having a party tonight.
Would you like to join us?
B) Hello, Sarah. This is Martin. I’m busy that night. I have to stay home.
C) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. Thanks for inviting me to your party. I’m going to be there.
D) Hi, Sarah. This is Martin. I can’t hear you well. I guess it’s a bad line.
10 - 12. soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

Hi, Helen
Jeff and I are going to the bookstore on Sunday. You know we are learning computer programming and we are going to buy a book about it. I know you are also interested in computer programming. Would you like to join us? Let me know if you can make it. We are going to leave home at 10 a.m. We can go to the cinema or eat at a restaurant after shopping. I hope you can come.
10. Yukarıdaki metinde aşağıdaki sorulardan hangisinin cevabı yoktur?
A) Who will Donald go to the bookstore with?
B) What time are they going to leave home?
C) What kind of a book will they buy?
D) How will they go to the bookstore?
11. Jeff and Donald want to buy a book about - - - -.
A) computer games
B) the history of cinema
C) computer programming
D) the ways of communication
12. Imagine that you are Helen. You can’t join them and make an excuse. What do you say?
A) Of course, I will. Where is the bookstore?
B) I’d love to come, but I’m too busy on Sunday.
C) Cinema? I love it. Did you choose the film?
D) Yeah, sure. Thanks for inviting me.I