1 - 8. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
1. Secretary: Hello, Mrs. Thomas speaking.
Joseph: Hi, can I order two large pizzas, please?
Secretary: - - - -
Joseph: I’m really sorry. Bye.
A) I’m sorry but here is a gym.
B) How do you like your pizza?
C) Hold the line, I’ll put you through.
D) Can you hold on a moment, please?
2. Robert: Hello, Robert speaking.
Sue: Hi, Robert, it’s me Sue. Do you have any plans for tonight?
Robert: Sorry, Sue. I’m at the office now. Can we talk after work?
Sue: OK, no problem. - - - - .
A) Thanks for calling
B) One moment, please
C) I will call you back later again
D) I’m not available at the moment
3. Tom : Hello, Tom speaking.
Cathy: Hi, Tom, it’s me Cathy. - - - -?
Tom : Great. Thanks.
Cathy: Are you at home tonight?
Tom : Yeah. Why don’t you come over here tonight?
A) What is your plan for tonight
B) Are you free tonight
C) When is the party
D) How is it going
4. Eric: Why don’t you answer my voicemails, Tom?
Jill : I’m sorry but - - - - .
Eric: Then, I will send text messages to keep in touch with you.
A) I never send text messages
B) I prefer using text messages
C) I use voicemails to keep in touch
D) I never use abbreviations in messages
5. Tom : We are having a party tonight. Would you like to join us?
Robin: I’m sorry but I can’t. I don’t feel well today.
Tom : That’s so bad. - - - - .
Robin: Thanks.
A) I hope you enjoy it
B) I hope you feel better soon
C) I’m sorry, I’m not available now
D) I prefer face-to-face communication
6. Michael: There is a great match tonight. Why don’t we go and watch it at the stadium together?
Edward: I’m afraid, I’m not available tonight. - - - - .
Michael: OK, no problem.
A) My grandparents are going to visit me tonight
B) I’m planning to buy two tickets for the match
C) My team is going to win the match
D) I’m really into football matches
7. Carol: - - - -?
Kaan: Almost everyday. Because I often use my mobile phone to keep in touch with friends.
A) What is your favorite social network
B) Do you often watch movies at home
C) How often do you send text messages
D) Do you prefer sending emails to text messages

A) my friends often use abbreviations in text messages.
B) we are going to have lunch at a restaurant together.
C) I often send emails to keep in touch with friends.
D) we are going to have dinner with friends tonight.
9. Aşağıda karışık olarak verilen cümlelerin anlamlı bir diyalog oluşturacak şekilde sıralandığı seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
I- Could I ask who’s calling?
II- Hello, Peter, is Mark there?
III- I’m sorry, this is his friend William.
IV- Hello, Peter speaking.
V- I’m sorry William, but he is not at home now.
A) II - IV - I - III - V
B) IV - II - I - III - V
C) II - IV - V - III - I
D) IV - I - II - V – III
10. You want to hang out with your best friend after school. You invite him but he doesn’t accept your invitation because he doesn’t feel well today. You want to express your sympathy and concern. What do you
A) I think you are ill today.
B) I hope you feel better soon.
C) I hope you have great time.
D) I think you are available now.
11. ve 12. soruları görselde verilen bilgilere göre cevaplayınız.

11. Smarphone Q1 - - - - .
A) has 16 GB storage
B) is too big to fit in your pocket
C) has a screen smaller than 5 inch
D) is a program to find information on the Net
12. Which one is false about the gadget?
A) You can take photos with its 16 megapixel camera
B) You can surf on the Net fast with this phone
C) It can’t recognize your handwriting
D) It has a touchscreen displayI